The history of Hart’s Hill Inn begins as the Civil War ends, when the original building was erected as a private summer home in the style of a Southern plantation manor. One night in 1904 the house burned to the ground.. Undaunted, the owner immediately rebuilt it. It remained a dwelling place for various families until 1946, when it became the Plantation Restaurant. A year later it became nown as Hart’s Hill Inn.

It was in 1963, the year that Matt Lichorowic purchased this restaurant, that the history of this Inn converged with that of the Lichorowic family.

The Lichorowics’ have been an authority on restaurants and large functions since the early years of previous century. John L. Sr., Matt’s father owned five restaurants in his long career. His brother John L. Jr. with his family and Matt himself owned and thrived in over seven restaurants, retiring in 1997. With the new millennium, the Lichorowic family is now close to 100 years of experience as an innkeepers. Many of them as chefs, all as recognized hosts.

Today, Scott, his wife Barbara, and their son Daniel preside over a lovely, newly-renovated Inn which preserves the charm of an old American homestead, yet which is as new and modern as the charming Patio Lounge and Grand Ballroom. Plans are being made for still more accommodations in the near future.